Our Mission

To provide excellent mental health care to individuals, families, communities and organizations with a focus on supporting the wellbeing of parents during the intense and challenging periods of pregnancy and birth; to advocate for practices and systems that support mental health promotion; and to create space to acknowledge the importance of mental wellness for success in all aspects of life. 

Values: Our code of behaviour

  • Innovative
  • Collaborative
  • Inclusive
  • Strength Based
  • Person Centred
  • Respectful

areas of Service

Jill and Fiona have experience in a variety of evidence based therapeutic techniques, including cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, distress tolerance, psychodynamic and interpersonal therapy and Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  We have supported people to uncover their resilience and unique strengths as they moved through life transitions, parenting challenges, experiences of loss, struggles with anxiety and depression, and other challenges.

We provide complex case management and health system navigation for individuals and families struggling to manage care in complex situations that involve a mixture of mental health, addiction, social, and/or physical health concerns.

We provide wellness workshops on a variety of topics, including pre- and post-natal mental health.  We also provide consultative services around mental health issues to families, primary care providers & other agencies.

Services & Fees

1 hour session - $120

(ask about our sliding scale fee)